Wednesday 31 July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 explodes, burns down house

The phone was hooked on to an emergency battery charger when the device emitted fireball.

In an unfortunate event, a Samsung Galaxy S4 Android smartphone exploded, burning down the house of a couple living in Hong Kong.

The victim, identified as Mr Su - a resident of Shan Tseng Tau, was reportedly playing a video game on his Samsung Galaxy S4 when the incident happened.

As per reports, the user had his smartphone hooked on to an emergency battery charger since there was no electricity available and was playing a game when he heard a loud pop noise on his device. After hearing the noise Mr. Su acted quickly and threw the phone away but unfortunately the phone landed under the couch which eventually caught fire which later spread to curtains and burned the whole house down.

In the incident Mr Su escaped with minor burns and his wife is also believed to be doing well. Since it was a multistoried building other residents also had to evacuate their house in the wake of the threat.

Apparently Mr Su is claiming that the charger was original and this was not the first time he was using the charger on his device. Samsung electronics have responded to the case and they are awaiting investigation on the same as to find out the right cause of the malfunction.

Meanwhile, if you or anyone known to you is using an external battery pack to charge your Samsung Galaxy S4 stop using it and as a word of caution try using the supplied charger just to be safe.

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