Saturday, 27 July 2013

CM team announces CyanogenMod Focal: A camera app

So, the suspense behind Nemesis is over, it is actually just a camera app but seems to be pretty good. Announced today, CyanogenMod Focal will start appearing in nightlies beginning next week and is likely to make way to next M-series build.

Built from ground-up, CyanogenMod Focal allows users to access almost all the big features that you can find today in Android smartphone cameras.

Coming to the app interface, Focal keep menus at two places, the main capture mode menu can be dragged out from the shutter button and includes options like the basic Photo mode, Panorama mode, Video mode, Picsphere( CM’s Photosphere like feature) and front camera mode.

Rest all the settings are present in the second menu, which can be accessed from the bottom edge of the device and includes settings like flash mode, white balance, scene mode, HDR, effects/ filters, exposure compensation, colour enhancements, ISO, burst mode, timer and other settings. As you can see, Focal is pretty thorough.

You can also rearrange the menus to keep the more used icons to easier to access places.

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