Sunday 28 July 2013 Send Bits Of Text To Your Mobile From PC & Back

Do you need a way to temporarily send a piece of text from your computer to your mobile device? If you are looking for a way to do this as quickly as possible, DP is perfect for you. You can type in long strings of text and send it to your mobile device where you can copy it or do whatever you need to with it. This saves you the time and effort of typing something long on your mobile keyboard.

Using the web app is incredibly easy. You simply type in the text you want to send to your phone and press the “Send” button. This will cause the page to refresh briefly and it will show you a QR code that you can scan to see the text on your phone. You can also type in the URL it provides, but it’s a little long and kind of defeats the purpose of the app to begin with.

You can also use DP to send text from your phone back to your PC. Simply scan the QR code, enter text from the mobile page and click send to see it on your PC. It’s incredibly easy and it makes sharing text with your devices quick, no matter which way you are sending it.


  • Send text from your PC to your mobile.
  • Send text from mobile to PC.
  • Generate a QR code to get your text quickly.
  • Copy, paste and use the text any way.
  • Automatically deletes from system so you can send it and forget about it later.

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