Saturday, 27 July 2013

Google Hangouts app gets new Emoji, butter for smoothness

Google pushed a new update for the instant messaging service app Hangouts that brought along new Emoji collection and promises smoother, faster experience.

Google had replaced its Google Talk service with the Hangouts as closer integration of Google+ with instant messaging. The Google Hangout app for the Android just got a new update that brings significant changes to the app. Google Hangouts though still lacks the ability to sort out the contacts by name and other ways so users are still getting familiar with Hangouts.

The new update adds "some butter" to the Google Hangouts to make it run faster and slicker. This butter reference is to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update that was aimed at making the system user interface faster and smooth.

Another improvement is the bunch of new Emoji for the users to try it out with friends. Sending Stickers and new Emoji icons is the new fad out there triggered since the BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp craze took over.

Though there are bunch of bug fixes, the app still lacks the basic features that were offered in Instant Messengers since last decade.

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