Thursday 25 July 2013

SwiftKey launches cloud-based syncing for all your devices

Android keyboard application SwiftKey has released a new cloud service that will help users access their personalised writing style across all their mobile phones and tablets. Called SwiftKey Cloud, the service will ensure your SwiftKey keyboard throws up all your favourite words and terms as you change devices.

With the cloud service activated, SwiftKey Cloud will be able to back-up your writing style, often used phrases and writing habits, and sync it with any other device you’re using. This way, you don’t need to spend days retraining your newer SwiftKey keyboard when you change devices, switch between mobile and tablet or upgrade your phone.

You can choose to have your data backed up on an hourly, daily or weekly basis or when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. This way, SwiftKey will be able to keep updating its data with phrases and words you’re using most often faster.

SwiftKey has also loaded this cloud beta with a new feature called Trending Phrases. The app’s technology will now sift through Twitter and other news sources to figure out and zero in on relevant daily discussions and trending topics. It will then make sure your keyboard knows what you’re trying to talk about. So if you’re going to text your friend about the royal baby or the floods in Mumbai, SwiftKey will know exactly what term or words to suggest to you when it thinks you’re about to type this.

The company has also enhanced the personalisation process so you get better and more relevant results when you’re typing out messages. Support for personalisation from Yahoo Mail has also been added to the beta as well as one-click authorisation for the app to learn from your Gmail and Facebook accounts.

You can grab hold of these features as part of the SwiftKey 4.2 beta, which is available on the website right now . The cloud service should be rolled out to all SwiftKey users within a month’s time, hopes SwiftKey.

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