Friday 19 July 2013

VLC Player 2.0 for iOS now available on the App Store

The most popular open source media player has made its way to iOS devices with much exciting features as well.

Video LAN Client which is popularly known as the VLC media player is possibly one the most widely utilized media player across the globe. And now this media player has been made available for the iOS mobile operating system as well. Along with just simple media playback, which the VLC player is great at, the app also comes with a few very exciting features as well for which earlier users had to install independent applications.

First and foremost VLC player comes with WiFi file transfers and the player will show a link which by entering it in a web browser on your PC or Mac will reveal a file upload mechanism. Users can choose your files with an ordinary picker or just drop them in the browser. It will automatically upload the media to your iOS device and allows parallel operations.

Along with that VLC for iOS offers native Dropbox integration. After login, users can browse all your files and folders to download media to your device for offline playback. Also VLC player can allow any app to use VLC for iOS for media playback. Users will be prompted if they would like to keep a copy in its media library or not.

Currently, the iTunes Store offers several video playback apps that are stand alone or dependent on certain codec packages to be downloaded. VLC player application comes with integrated support for codec's thereby performing better video playback than most video players supporting a large number of audio and video formats as well.

Now the official VLC player app 2.0 supports devices running iOS version 5.0 and above. It has already been made available in different countries and soon will be making its way to rest of the users globally as well.

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