Friday 26 July 2013

Google Translate gets handwriting input for 45 new languages

After introducing handwriting input to the Google Translate app for Android devices, the search giant has brought the ability to its Translate homepage. Handwriting input is particularly nifty in situations where users wish to translate a particular expression but can’t figure how to type it. At such times, users can resort to the new handwriting input tool, draw these characters out in the space provided and see the translated result instantly.

To begin with, users will have to pick their input language. Once done, they will sport the input tools icon at the bottom of the text area. Here users will have to click the input tools icon to switch to handwriting in the drop-down menu. They can then draw their inputs on the main panel of the handwriting tool. Interestingly, users can draw multiple characters at one time.

Suppose you come across an expression in Chinese and want to quickly find out what it means but do not have a way to type out those characters, you can then use the handwriting input tool to draw the characters.

Google currently has handwriting input support active for 45 languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Additionally, handwriting input is available into the Google Input Tools Chrome Extension. Besides the new handwriting input support, users can pick from other options including virtual keyboards, input method editors and transliteration for their translation needs.

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