Sunday, 7 July 2013

Top Alternatives: Search For Web Apps & Tools To Use For Your Website

Webmasters use numerous tools to analyze and improve their websites. They settle on their tools after having used many options and finding the best tools from those options. Thus for a new webmaster, the process of finding the best web tool can be a bit difficult. If you have just started your own website and this is your first webmaster experience, then you will need to quickly find web tools that will help you analyze your website’s performance.

Additionally you will want tools that let you perform site functions easily or add to the features list of your own website. Finding the right tools for these tasks might take a lot of trial and error. But here to make matters much easier is a service called Top Alternatives.

Top Alternatives is a web service that will be extremely beneficial for webmasters in their early stages. The website basically offers a catalogue of the best online tools that will help you make your webmaster tasks easier. You do not need to register for any new accounts on the site to get started. To use the site, simply browse over to the category that you are interested in, such as SEO. You will find various sub-categories that are targeted at different functions.

Clicking on a sub-category will reveal all the catalogued tools that you can use for that particular task. A summary of the tool, its cost, and its direct URL are all provided in the results.

Like SEO, you have various tools on the site for eBook creation, optimization, marketing, social media, and a lot more. With your options narrowed down to the best available tools, finding what is right for you becomes much easier.


  • A user-friendly website.
  • Catalogues web apps for webmasters.
  • Covers various categories of webmaster tasks.
  • Shows summary, cost, and URL of web apps.

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