Monday 8 July 2013 Receive Evernote Notifications In Your Inbox

Evernote is a great place to keep track of your thoughts, cool things you find on the web, and ideas as they come to you. It can also make a great place to keep track of the tasks you need to accomplish, but it is lacking any sort of notification feature to actually remind you to do the task. With, that problem goes away. It sends you email notifications for tasks in Evernote. Now you can have your ideas and your to-do list in one place.

Using Evernotify is incredibly easy. You simply sign up and link it with your Evernote account. After you sign up, everything is broken down in two categories. These are to-dos and IOUs. You add a new task through Evernote and make sure you tag the note with “evernotify” or it will not notify you.

Once you have your lists set up, you can use the Evernotify web app to tweak how often and when you receive email notifications. When you receive the email, it will tell you how many to-dos and how many IOUs you have left on your list.

For the avid Evernote user, this a must-have app that will take it to another level.


  • Create to-do lists in Evernote.
  • Receive email notifications for your tasks.
  • Simplistic list style.
  • Easy to use and free.

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