Monday 8 July 2013

NoSleep: Stop Your MacBook From Sleeping When You Close It

Have you ever wanted to close the screen of your MacBook and have it stay awake? Maybe you are downloading a large file and you want to keep it downloading while the screen is closed. Maybe you are hooked up to an external display and you want to make sure it stays awake while closed. If these or other reasons sound interesting, you need to take a look at NoSleep.

NoSleep is a very small utility, so it will take up hardly any valuable system resources when running. It sits in the menu bar silently until you need it. If you click its icon it will toggle on and off. You can also tell it to never sleep when plugged in or when running on battery.

If you run into a situation where you want to keep your MacBook awake and working, this is the perfect utility to have installed.


  • Keep your MacBook awake even when the screen is closed.
  • Sits in the menu bar for when you need it.
  • Easy toggle on and off option.
  • Set it to never sleep on AC power or while running on battery.

Find NoSleep on Google Code

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