Thursday, 2 May 2013

Samsung phones, Google on top in Opera’s SAMW report

Opera has published its State of the Android Mobile Web report for India, which reveals the browsing patterns of Opera Mini users in the country. As this report contains data from Opera Mini users, it is skewed towards entry-level segment and 2G data consumers, who are the main users of the Opera Mini browser on Android.

High-end Android smartphone users as well consumers will 3G data plan are more likely to use Chrome, Android browser or the full version of Opera.

Coming to the findings of the report, Google is the most visited domain among Opera Mini users in the country, which is not surprising, however in terms of data consumption, Facebook is on the top. Despite being minimal, Facebook mobile site is still more data hungry than Google’s bare-bones mobile version, which probably explain the more data usage by Facebook. Also, users tend to spend more time on Facebook than Google.

More from State of the Android Mobile Web report:

Almost 50% of the top hundred domains visited by Opera Mini’s Android users are related to news and information, search, price comparison and e-commerce.
In all, 9 out of the top-10 Android handsets are from Samsung.
A breakdown of the top-100 Android devices of Indian Opera Mini users confirms Samsung’s leading position, with a 31% market share, followed by Sony at 23% and Micromax at 15%.
Among Opera Mini users, the number of webpages viewed by an Android user is 29.5% higher than the monthly page views by an average user.

Check out an info-graphic for even more information.

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