Thursday, 2 May 2013

HP working on two Android devices with NVIDIA Tegra 4 at core

HP is reportedly working on a pair of Android devices that will be powered by NVIDIA’s new Tegra 4 SoC and run on Android 4.2. These HP tablets have been spotted in AnTuTu benchmark listings, but majority of the details about them are still missing at this point.

HP has just released one Android device – HP Slate 7 tablet this year and it is very possible that the company is planning more Android launches for later this year.

In the rumoured two HP Android devices, one will be called HP Slatebook 10 x2 and if the name is any indication, it might be the Android version of the company’s Envy X2 convertible tablet.

Featuring Asus Transformer like form-factor, HP Slatebook 10 x2 will come with a detachable keyboard dock.

On other hand, the second device is called HP Slate21 AiO, as the name clearly suggests that it is an All-in-One, which would mean that it might be a dual-boot Windows RT/Android device.

We are digging for more information and will update the post if anything else pops up online.

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