Saturday 9 March 2013

XOLO to launch phone with Intel ‘Clover Trail+’ Atom processor on March 14

XOLO has recently started teasing a new smartphone on its official Facebook page and website. While not much is known about the phone, it will be officially announced on March 14 as per the countdown on

Company is calling it “Mission X” in its teaser, suggesting the phone will be part of its X-series. We did a little more digging and turns out, the phone will indeed be a part of company’s X-series and come with Intel’s Clover Trail+ platform based dual-core Atom processor.  We could not get any other concrete details right now.


Whatever I am writing now is pure speculation based on XOLO’s previous Intel launches.  XOLO has introduced two Intel-powered smartphones so-far in the Indian market and both the phones were based on Intel’s reference designs with little or no tweaking on the software part.

I believe that company is going to do the same with this upcoming device.

Intel showcased a new reference design along with its Clover Trail+ platform at the Mobile World Congress and it is very much likely the upcoming XOLO phone will be based on this reference design.

Now, if we take a look at the reference phone, it packs some massive specs, so unless XOLO and Intel step down some of the internals in this reference phone, it will be a phone in the category of Optimus G, S III or HTC Butterfly.

Take a look at the specs of Intel Clover Trail+ reference design:

2GB RAM, 16MP rear camera, 256GB storage (it is maximum supported and will 100pc be taken down to 16 or 32GB) – if XOLO and Intel keep these specs, the shipping device will first be quite expensive and chances are they won’t find many takers given the XOLO (read Lava) branding and high price-tag.

So, it is very likely that the companies will put probably a lower megapixel camera sensor, may also reduce the RAM size and internal storage is pretty much certain to be reduced.

Well, until XOLO itself announces the phone, we can really confirm anything, so we will have to wait until March 14 and hear everything directly from the horse’s mouth.

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