Thursday 21 March 2013

Facebook Android app updated; lets you change your profile picture

Just a day after updating its iOS app, Facebook has pushed an update to its Android app too. Those who've used the updated app already would've noticed that the app now allows users to change their profile picture. Also, if users do not wish to see some articles on their News Feed, they can hide the stories right from the app or report spam on some post in the News Feed, if they wish to. Group messaging is a popular feature on Facebook and the update now allows Android users to initiate a group message with lesser taps.

The Facebook Android app allows users to see their friends'activities on the platform. Users can share their updates, photos and videos with those in their friend list. Each time a friend likes or comments on a user's post, he will be notified about the same. Those interested can also text, chat and have group conversations. In addition to that, users can play games and use the chosen apps. To download the app, head to the Google Play store.

Yesterday, Facebook for iOS was bumped up to version 5.6, giving users the ability to update their cover photos on the go. The ability to set cover images on Facebook has been one of the more significant changes on Facebook in recent times, and courtesy the update iPhone users can now take a new cover photo or pick one from their gallery. For iOS users, Facebook said it will take lesser taps to initiate group messages. For those looking for group conversations, the update made it easier to name and find group conversations.

The updated app is currently up for download on the App Store. The Facebook iOS app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. To be able to use this app, users will require devices running iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimised for iPhone 5. The Facebook app on iOS devices allows users to see what their friends are up to on the social network. They can share updates, photos and videos too. In addition to that, they can get notifications each time a friend comments or likes their posts. Then there is the ability to initiate group messages. They can also play games and use their favourite apps.

Facebook has been quite actively updating its applications. It last updated its Android app in January this year and brought two new features. Firstly, with the updated app, your pictures load faster. This wasn’t much of a significant improvement, as it would vary on a user's device and network connection. The major update gives users greater control on the posts from friends or links that they may want to share. Earlier, users could share only on their timeline, but post the update, they can choose whom they want to share with. They can also choose to share with friends, pages or even groups.

The app also allows users to send voice messages to friends. The ability to send voice messages via Facebook app is certainly an added bonus. This feature was recently introduced for Facebook Messenger app for Android and iOS. On the Messenger, sending a voice message involves clicking on the "record voice" option, holding down the red button to begin recording and simply releasing it when done. Currently, on the Messenger it allows you to record up to a one-minute long message. Facebook wants to promote the Messenger app and recently spruced it up to stay in the race, especially with WhatsApp hogging all the limelight.

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