Friday 22 March 2013

Google Currents update brings in-app audio playback

Google has released an update for its Currents app today in Google Play(). The update, which is mainly focussed on the audio capabilities of the app, adds the in-app audio playback – allowing you to play podcasts and more directly in Google Currents now.

The Current version 2.1 now also syncs post read state between devices. So, next time you read an article on a Google Currents tablet version, the same will be reflected when you check Google Currents on your phone.

Here is the full change-log of the update:

Audio playlist for editions with audio
Audio media bar in app for stop, start, next, previous
Story scanner audio icons for launching Audio directly
Status bar audio controls when Currents audio is playing
Syncing post read state between devices
Bug fixes

Given the recent news of Google Reader’s impending demise, Google Currents is the next best thing you can have right now as your daily news reading app from Google. You can also choose several other feed readers like Feedly from Google Play.

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