Sunday 31 March 2013

Direct YouTube Downloader: Download Entire Channels & Playlists From YouTube [Windows]

YouTube downloaders are great tools if you want to view YouTube content offline, but most of them offer barebones features that just get the job done. But Direct YouTube Downloader is a different beast. This Windows-only app lets you download all your favorites and videos of selected channels.

Direct YouTube Downloader also works well for individual downloads. But the power features of this app takes the cake. It can download entire channels and playlists where you can also set the resolution of the downloaded video, or choose a preset for your device. It can download videos up to ULTRA HD 4K and convert the video for your exact device.

The app auto-installs a search toolbar for your browser, so if you don’t want it, make sure to uncheck the options before clicking install. Direct YouTube Downloader is a great app for binge YouTube fans, or for those who want to download multi-part videos for offline viewing.


  • Download YouTube videos from one whole channel or playlist.
  • Works only for Windows.
  • Set resolution to match your device.
  • Download up to ULTRA HD 4K.

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