Sunday 31 March 2013

Google gets patent for new power-saving technique on computing devices

Google has been awarded a new patent for technology to save power on a smartphone (or any computing device) by changing its display qualities depending on battery-level. It shows a pretty interesting way to save power on devices and we would love to see them integrated in Android.

As per the patent description, the patented technique works with OLED displays and begins with determining the battery-level of the device. It presents three power-saving modes, which can be defined based three remaining power ranges in the battery. The first range can be greater than the second range and the second range can be greater than the third range.

Now, using this patented technique, the device will trigger these power-saving modes as soon as the remaining power on the battery reaches a defined range.  Here is a patent diagram that explains it pretty well. You can read more about nitty-gritties of the patent at this link. (

It is pretty common for companies to file numerous patents and not all of them are used in actual products, so just the existence of this patent does not necessarily means that we are going to see this technology in action, but it will surely be good for Android and its battery woes.

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