Sunday 24 March 2013

TrapIt: Get The Latest Articles & Videos About What Interests You [iOS]

There is a lot floating around the Internet. Some of it may interest you, while some of it may not. Some of it may be new, while some of it may be really old. No matter what it is, you always want to hear about the latest news and information about the things that interest you, from quality sources. Since there are many times more websites out there than you actually know of, it may be hard to benefit from everything that is available.

TrapIt is an iOS app which helps solve this issue. All it needs to know from you is what you’re interested in, and TrapIt will start scanning through all sorts of websites and feeds to pull out the exact information that concerns the topic of interest. The app can adjust to whether you find content to be good or bad, and it’ll learn from your feedback while searching for new articles.

TrapIt can even pull in videos to improve your overall experience with the app.


  • Beautiful interface.
  • Scours the Web for information that interests you.
  • Learns from your feedback.

Check it out at the Apple App Store

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