Wednesday 20 March 2013

Swype keyboard updated, brings advanced language model for Hindi

Swype has been updated once again. This time, the update (version number: 1.4.9) brings a pretty long list of changes including advanced language model for Hindi and Belgian Dutch languages.

What is advanced language model? Here is the answer in Swype team’s words:

Swype’s Advanced Language Model helps predicts what you will input right out of the box. Some call it Black Magic, but in reality a super aggressive completion tool combined with context and next word prediction algorithms help populate your word choice list right off the bat.
So with the latest update, Swype will be able to predict the word you are writing right now more accurately in Hindi and Belgian Dutch as well.

Other Changes this version:

Responsiveness for tap input improved for all languages
Improved overall Smart Editor behavior and implemented some bug fixes
Fixed a Gingerbread crash that occurred when rotating device into landscape mode
Fixed miscellaneous crashes reported by the Beta community
Fixed an issue where default Android voice input (‘mic’/'microphone’) icon displayed instead of Dragon logo
Changed subtype text in notification drawer to be more accurate
Word Choice List behavior improved in Polaris Office
And many more bug fixes and improvements!

As always, you can get Swype from this link, as it is not available via Google Play. If you have already got the keyboard, you will get the OTA update in the next 72 hours.

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