Thursday 21 March 2013

Blaupunkt unveils seven headphones for India

Blaupunkt India has launched seven different headphones targeting different segments, styling and usage patterns of Indian consumers.

Blaupunkt, a popular home and car audio equipment maker, has forayed into the field of consumer gadgets with a new line-up of headphones. Blaupunkt introduced seven different types of headphones targeting specific style and usage patterns. This seven headphone line-up is named Style, Comfort, Sports Talk (headset), Pure Talk (Headset), Pure, Kids and Bluetooth. The new Blaupunkt headphones are for mobile audio entertainment and cost between Rs 1,490 to Rs 14,990.

Blaupunkt has forayed into mobile entertainment with its line-up of seven different headphones that cover different age groups and usages - like kids and sports.

The Style headphones are targeted at music enthusiasts who seek stylish and modern design with comfort of use. Designed to attract the young generation, the Style series headphones have a music sharing feature that basically allows the user to hook another headphone to one of the sides and listen to the music. The Style series headphones will be offered with interchangable ear-pads of different colours and the headphone will come in black or white colour, at Rs 14,990.

Comfort series headphones have an Active Noise Cancellation feature that lets users enjoy music and other audio by barring external noise. The design of this headphone is quite similar to the models offered by a number of other rival companies. The Comfort series headphones are really light, comfortable enough for prolonged usage and will be sold for Rs 9,990.

Sports Talk series is aimed at sports and exercise enthusiasts who want the earphones to stick to their ears and be obstruction free. The headphones come with removable ear clips that hold the in-ear earphones intact and provide support to be adjusted. The in-ear earphones come with two different extensions - one with microphone and the other with a regular 3.5 mm audio jack. Sports Talk will be sold for Rs 3,990.

Pure and Pure Talk headphones are basically the usual in-ear earphones ideal for those who are always on the move. Pure Talk features a microphone unit on the cable. Meant to be used with mobile phones or tablets, the Pure earphones will cost Rs 2,490 and the Pure Talk headset will cost Rs 2,990.

For young music enthusiasts, Blaupunkt brings Kids headphones clad with special ear pads that act as sound dampening filters. With those special filters, the audio level of the headphones would not go higher than a certain limit. Users can always attach normal ear pads to use the headphones. The Kids headphones will cost Rs 1,990.

Mobile phone users can try out the HS 112 Bluetooth earphone to enjoy cordless conversations. This small Bluetooth earphone will cost Rs 1,490.

This new series of headphones is ideal for mobile entertainment.

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