Tuesday 26 March 2013

Samsung devices used by most early-adopters on Android: Opera

Opera has come out with an interesting list of devices reflecting the early adopters on Android platform and it has revealed that Samsung is the most popular manufacturer among the early-adopters.

Opera measured the Android devices installations of its recently released beta version of webkit-based browser.

“The Opera for Android beta has been in the Google Play app store since early March and the download statistics offer some interesting insights as to what devices early adopters on Android like to use,” Opera noted in a press release.

Among the top ten devices, on which Opera Beta was downloaded, Samsung made devices are present five spots (six, if you include Galaxy Nexus too).  Here is the full list.

Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Asus Nexus 7
Samsung Galaxy Y
HTC Desire HD
HTC Sensation 4G
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Ace
Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman
“As the list shows, the browser does well within the premium segment of Android devices. Some older devices are also represented, reflecting the variety of users in different countries testing out the Opera for Android beta,” Opera added.

Given the market share taken by Samsung in Android world, it is not really surprising that Samsung devices are so popular, but the fledging Android developer community for Samsung devices has really  helped it in being a favourite among early-adopters.

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