Thursday 28 March 2013

Amazon Phone to come with 4.7-inch display: Report

After the reports of delay in the production of Amazon’s rumoured smartphone, we are now hearing that Amazon is using a 4.7-inch display in the smartphone.

Digitimes is reporting that the retail giant Amazon first considered using a 4.3-inch display but later dropped the plans in favour of 4.7-inch, given the recent popularity of large-screened phones.

Amazon is aiming for a second quarter release, but sources point out that that the company might not be able to stick to the schedule as the production hasn’t been all smooth at Foxconn, which is making the Amazon smartphone.

The report also added that Amazon might be enhancing other specifications on the phone too.

Digitimes adds:

Amazon has also reportedly been working on enhancing other specifications of the smartphone. However, the sources did not reveal if Amazon’s recent changes to the device were the reason for rumors in the market stating that mass production of the device may be delayed until later in the second quarter of the year or possibly later.
There are no other details available right now, but given the hardware history of Amazon, we would expect the company to price the phone aggressively.

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