Sunday 17 March 2013

Was It Viewed: Create Trackable Links With Ease

Do you have something that you want to share and find out if people are actually clicking on it? Maybe you have a file you are sharing with a friend and you want to see if he clicked the link to download it. Perhaps you want to see if a link you shared on Twitter is actually drawing any attention from your friends. Whatever your reason for wanting a trackable link, Was It Viewed is a great choice for making this happen.

Basically, Was It Viewed allows you to input any URL and receive a sharable link in either long or short form that you can track. You enter in the URL and your email (so they can notify you of incoming clicks) and it does the rest.

The links come in three forms. There is the long URL, the short URL and the URL. The is useful because the main links saw wasitviewed in the URL. Using makes it so the person with whom you are sharing does not know that the link is trackable. Was It Viewed is an incredibly easy solution to making trackable links.


  • Generate trackable links to any page on the web
  • Receive links in long, short and format
  • Receive email notifications when a link is clicked
  • Unsubscribe link in email when you do not want to track anymore

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