Sunday 17 March 2013

AttributeMagic Free: Modify File Properties In Windows

Do you have some files that you need to change? Are you looking for the most efficient solution to make this happen? Well fear not, because AttributeMagic Free is a lightweight program that is designed for you to modify all kinds of file properties in one place.

AttributeMagic allows you to change all kinds of properties of a file. You can change the time and date timestamps. You can alter these for created, modified and last accessed. You can also change the extension and name of the file. Of course, changing the extension could cause issues with the file, so keep that in mind.

Using this free program you can also change all of the attributes of a file. You can set read-only, hidden, archive and system for any file. When finished, just click apply and you will be all set.

The last awesome feature of AttributeMagic is that it is completely portable. You can run it right from your hard drive or copy it to a portable drive for easy use on any computer.


  • Change the properties of files easily
  • Change the attributes of a file
  • Change the timestamp
  • Rename and change extension
  • Portable

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