Sunday 24 March 2013

PrintYourInsta: Print Your Instagram Pictures Inside A Postcard Frame [iOS]

If you are a user of the popular photo sharing app Instagram, check out PrintYourInsta. It is a free iOS app that lets you create and print your Instagram pictures inside a postcard frame with AirPrint printer. To use the app install it on your iPhone from the AppStore.
Then follow a 5-step process:

Select an Instagram picture to print.

  • Connect with your Instagram account.
  • Choose layout.
  • Select theme, enter or edit photo’s caption text.
  • Print with AirPrint printer or save your postcard.

Your Instagram profile picture and username will appear above the photo and the photo’s caption text at the bottom. Below the caption, at the very bottom of the postcard there will be a colourful image “printed with your PrintYourInsta”.


  • Save Instagram pictures inside a postcard frame.
  • Create Postcards with different themes.
  • Print with AirPrint compatible printers.
  • Save postcards to Camera Roll.
  • Tweet postcards.
  • Email postcards.
  • View popular photos, search photos by hashtag.
  • Free app for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad).

Check out PrintYourInsta @

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