Wednesday 27 March 2013

Pac Man goes available on Google Play Store for free

Popular mobile and console game now goes absolutely free for Android devices globally.

Global video games brand Namco has made its most popular game Pac Man available on Google Play Store for free.

In addition to a faithful reproduction of the arcade classic, this app includes a brand new Tournament mode featuring constantly updated mazes, performance based score multipliers that will help bring a new level of challenge and excitement for the players. The game brings along a variety of new mazes and new items for the Pac man to gobble up for some additional scores as well.

The game includes the main character that has to escape the guards while gobbling up all the elements (yellow dots) forms the mazes. Now this can done by tricking them or outsmarting them as there is no fighting involved in this classic game.

Earlier the game was priced at $5 or Rs 250 on Play Store.

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