Saturday 30 March 2013

Nexus 4 now shipping with updated design: Report

Google and LG have apparently decided to tweak the design of Nexus 4 smartphone for good. It is not a major design revamp, but two small tweaks. The latest batch of Nexus 4 smartphones, shipping at least in Germany and United States, seems to feature these changes. We think these design changes will soon start reaching other countries too.

The first tweak is the presence of two new small nubs just above the screw holes. This change is certainly going to be a big positive for new buyers; it will lift the phone slightly, thus helping with speaker sound. Without these numbs, the sound usually gets mushed when the phone is placed on the rear. The rear speaker issue is not just a problem with Nexus 4, almost every other smartphone comes with speakers on the back, and HTC has solved it in HTC One by putting the speakers on the front.

The other tweak is in the rear camera housing, which seems to have been made smaller, but we don’t see any positives coming out of it. Android Central speculates that it might help with light leakage.

Have you recently bought a new Nexus 4 smartphone and found these changes, do let us know in comment.

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