Saturday 9 March 2013

Track My Life: Find Where You Spend Most Of Your Life [iOS, Android, Windows Phone]

Do you wonder where your time goes? Sometimes at the end of a day it can feel like we didn’t do anything or go anywhere. Other times it feel like we traveled half the world in an instant. If you want to be able to look back and see where you went, Track My Life is an app for that. It runs in the background and lets you know exactly where you’ve been.

Track My Life runs in the background on all three major mobile platforms, and it does it in a way that minimizes power usage. It only does anything when you make a major location change. This allows it to sit there and not constantly track you. If it was constantly looking for you, the battery would drop insanely fast, but it works in a way that is smart.

The app will give you all kinds of reports on your life. You can see how many cities you have been to, how many kilometers you’ve traveled, how much time you spent at a certain place and more. If you have ever wanted to see where you spend your time, this is the perfect app for you.


  • Keep track of the places you have been.
  • Runs in background and uses minimal battery.
  • Works on iOS, Windows Phone and Android.
  • Provides reports on your life and travel.

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