Friday 1 February 2013

Google has pushed an update for its Google+ app for Android and added couple of new features.

Google has released a new update packed with couple of features for the official Google+ social network application. The new Google+ app for the Android comes with a new feature to add a link while creating a post and then sharing it over the stream. There are couple of other new features where in the major improvement arrives through the notifications tray.

Now the notifications can be accessed via a side-bar drop-down panel instead of the left to right swipe action. The new Notification tray acts as a special section for all the updates happening to the user's profile and stream.

Google recently introduced the Google+ Communities and now the Google+ mobile app gets better settings to employ moderation in the communities. However, the most important integration is the capability to add a link while creating a post to be posted on the stream. That means a user can copy a link from the mobile web browser or anywhere and add it to the post while composing it.

The latest update of the Google+ app for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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