Sunday 17 February 2013

OneClick: Download Torrents Straight From Browser [Chrome]

Developments in torrent downloading and P2P sharing has accelerated in the last couple of years. From the creation of magnet files to streaming ability baked into the torrent clients, it seems that the torrent technology is always one step ahead of the industry, making it very easy to share files among peers. BitTorrent Torque is another step in this evolution. Although just an alpha release, Torque brings the torrent client to the browser, extending it to create web apps that other developers can build upon.

This leads us to a new Chrome extension called OneClick. Once installed, it can be used to convert torrents into simple downloads that can be done within the browser.
Working with OneClick is amazingly simple. You just need to click on any downloadable torrent on the Internet, and the extension will process the Torrent and deliver the individual files as separate downloads. This removes the friction of having to open a desktop client to download files.

OneClick does not currently support resumed downloads, making it ideal only for people with fast connections. Still, by emulating Torrents like any regular downloads within the browser, it makes the experience much simpler for non-techie people.
There will be more apps coming that will leverage BitTorrent Torque, and if more developers create useful stuff like OneClick, then there are exciting times ahead for fans of torrent downloading.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Easy torrent downloading using Chrome extension.
  • Files appear as in-browser downloads.

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