Saturday 23 February 2013

Nikon eyeing to bring Samsung Galaxy camera competitor

Nikon has signed a licensing agreement to gain access to Microsoft's imaging patent portfolio for Android.

Nikon has signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft to gain access to Microsoft's patent portfolio for certain cameras running on Android platform, setting of a rumour that the camera giant is planning to bring a new device to beat the Samsung Galaxy Camera.

At this moment, there are few Nikon Coolpix models running Android platform and quite possible that Nikon is looking to expand the product line-up. Neither of the companies specified the patents in questions and whether Microsoft will continue receiving royalties from Nikon or not.

Samsung recently introduce the Galaxy Camera which is basically a powerful hardware bearing smartphone with great point-and-shoot camera level optics. However, prior that Nikon had introduced its first Android operating system running camera - Coolpix S800c.

Important aspect that the camera makers have noted is that consumers and amateurs want digital cameras that can connect to wireless networks. Post that, the images can be directly shared to social networking websites, uploaded to secured cloud storage accounts or transferred to a mobile device or tablet. With Android, the possibility to find hacks and optimise the performance of the camera as a portable device also increases. For instance, if the hardware supports, one can use a custom application to view videos recorded in a specific format.

Powerful digital cameras with 3G network and WiFi support certainly look like an interesting gadget option for the technology savvy folks. While those technologies continue to advance, Microsoft quietly enjoys the royalties received due to its patent portfolio.

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