Wednesday 27 February 2013

New Google Settings app silently arrives for Android devices

Google's Android team has quietly pushed the new Google Settings app as part of the new Google Services 3.0 update.

Google has quietly pushed a new update for the Settings app on the Android OS based devices. The existing Settings app icon continues to exist and there is a new green coloured Google Settings app icon. This may confuse many Android users and the app may be termed as a malware.

Google has updated its Google Services Framework app in the background in order to bring better settings that show the integration of the Google+ social network with other Google products on the Android phones.

The new Google Settings is specifically meant for the Google+ centric applications and services. There are five major options appearing in the Google Settings app -Apps with Google+ Sign In, Maps & Latitude, Location, Search and Ads.

With this, Google has included the Google+ Sign-in features and other improvements that will help the user to use third party apps that require Google+ sign-in.

For instance, there are number of third-party services that offer you access via signing in using the Facebook or Twitter account. So now, those services can also offer Google+ as sign-in option. Those services will be listed in the "Google Settings” and thereby give fair idea to the user about the number of services accessing their Google+ information.

Google Settings will give you fair idea about your information being access by Google or any other third-party service that you've granted access for. Out of the five options, the Maps & Latitude and Location leads to the location settings option which user can enable or disable as per requirement.

Users need not worry and just keep a check on the services they have approved to access their Google+ information.

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