Wednesday 20 February 2013

Nokia to cut prices of Lumia smartphones in India

Currently, seven Lumia smartphones are available in India in the price range of Rs 36,000-Rs 10,000.

Nokia will slash the prices of its Windows Phone 8 operating system based Lumia smartphones to make them affordable to the people of India, a senior executive of the company told a newspaper.

"You will see more traction as we plan to expand the Lumia range and make it more affordable...Worldwide, there are two different business models - one, where the handset is subsidised by the operator, and the other where a consumer buys the phone independently. Since it is the latter model in most IMEA markets, Nokia aims to have a range of value points for it to attract various types of customers," Nokia's senior vice president (India, Middle East & Africa) D Shivakumar told the newspaper.

Currently, Nokia is selling Lumia 920 (Rs 36,000), Lumia 900 (Rs 31,100), Lumia 820 (Rs 26,000), Lumia 800 (Rs 18,800), Lumia 710 (12,999), Lumia 610 (Rs 12,300) and Lumia 510 (Rs 10,000) in India. The Lumia 620 is set to be launched in the country very soon as well.

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