Sunday 17 February 2013

PinAuthority: Calculate & Share Your Pinterest Ranking

If you’ve ever wanted to know how your Pinterest profile stacks up against other people’s, take a look at PinAuthority. PinAuthority will calculate your stats in regards to how many followers, boards and pins you have, how many people you’re following, how many times you’ve been re-pinned or liked and more.

PinAuthority can tell you these statistics for the past week, past month or the past three months. It will show you a graph of the changes to you can easily see how popular your Pinterest profile is and where it is probably headed in the near future.

On your PinAuthority profile page, you can easily see which of your pins are trending at the moment, to give you an idea what your followers, and their followers, like best. All of this helps you to make informed decisions in the future when finding new things to pin.

The PinAuthority algorithm can rank you against other users, too. You are given a PinAuthority score which you can share with your social networks or place on your website in a widget.

The top 1,000 most popular users on PinAuthority are calculated daily and featured in a directory along with new PinAuthority users. You can browse the directory of Pinterest users in order to find new people to follow.


  • View your Pinterest statistics.
  • Calculate your PinAuthority score.
  • Put A PinAuthority widget on your website.
  • Browse popular and new PinAuthority users.

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