Sunday 24 February 2013

YouTube Previewer: Preview YouTube Thumbnails From Video Links [Chrome]

When you load a YouTube video, one of the cooler features is the ability to see a live thumbnail preview of the video by moving your mouse along the bar. This is a great way to see what is coming up in the later parts of the video. This works great when you are on YouTube’s website or looking at an embedded version of the video, but what if there is only a link to the video? Is there a way to preview that too?

YouTube Previewer is an easy to use Chrome extension that allows you to mouse over a YouTube link and see a preview very similar to what you see in the video bar. You can move your mouse along the link to see different sections of the video. The only problem is that sometimes previews appear at the top of the page, not directly over the link. This was an issue when the link was towards the bottom of the page.


  • Preview a YouTube video from a YouTube link.
  • Simple mouse over mechanic.
  • Drag mouse to see different live preview sections.

Find YouTube Previewer on the Chrome Web Store

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