Sunday 17 February 2013

ZocialSky: View Weather Forecast As Your Browser Start Page

Zocial Sky is an alternative start page for your browser that also happens to display your city’s weather forecast. Tooled with a great photo background, Zocial Sky lets you add weather reports for up to five cities.

You can do a quick search for your city’s weather by typing into the search box. The weather data available includes cloud cover, minimum and maximum temperature, humidity, and wind direction and speed. You can also toggle the temperature between celsius and fahrenheit. Finally, you can click the icon to add the city’s weather to your favorites.

Zocial Sky offers an easy and neat way to check the weather in a simple and elegant interface. Its subtle appeal with stunning pictures makes it a viable candidate to replace your browser start page.


  • Simple and clean interface to display weather.
  • Ideal as an alternative browser start page.
  • Captivating pictures.
  • Run up to five cities in your data feed.

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