Sunday 6 January 2013

WindowPad: Align Open Windows To The Side Of Your Screen Through Hotkey Shortcuts

When you are working with a lot of open application windows, you can make the most of your screen space by aligning windows to each side of your computer screen. But resizing the windows with your mouse can take quite a bit of time. Here to save that time is an app called WindowPad.

WindowPad is a free to use desktop application for Windows computers. This app does not require any installation and comes packed in a tiny downloadable ZIP archive. When you run the application, it sits quietly in the Windows System Tray. Through the app’s icon you can reload it or suspend it anytime.

While the app is running, you open up a window and use the Windows logo key along with the number pad numbers as hotkeys to align the window to a particular side of the screen, to have a better view of all open windows. For example, the Windows logo along with the numpad 7 key will align a window to the top left of the screen.


  • A user friendly desktop app.
  • Compatible with Windows computers.
  • Aligns your windows to sides of screen.
  • Lets you use keyboard hotkey shortcuts.

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