Tuesday 29 January 2013

Google bringing 3D Maps to India, starting with New Delhi

After launching free turn-by-turn voice navigation last year, Google is now planning to release its 3D maps for the Indian cities this year. The first city to get the 3D buildings in their maps seems to be Delhi. Going through the Maps app on an Android smartphone this morning, we spotted some colonies in the city already showing 3D maps.

As the work is still in progress, we could only find a handful of New Delhi colonies showing 3D maps, but it is certainly an indication of the upcoming 3D Maps.

Originally announced in December 2010 as a part of Google Maps 5.0, the 3D buildings support is currently available in over 100 cities globally right now (as per Google listing).

Google uses vector graphics to dynamically draw the map on your device as you use it, allowing you to interact with it in many ways including tilting and rotating the 3D maps.

There is no word on when we are to see the actual launch of 3D maps in Delhi or India, but given that 3D building have already starting to appear, it should not take more than a few weeks.

If you spot 3D buildings in any other Indian city maps on your Android device, do let us know in comments.

Update: As some of our readers pointed, 3D buildings have also started to appear in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

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