Wednesday 30 January 2013

BirdHerd: Easy Twitter Management For Groups, Teams, & Brands

Sometimes managing a Twitter account which covers an entire group of people isn’t easy, especially when everyone has something they’d like to do with said Twitter account. You could share the username and password of the Twitter account among the members of the group, but that becomes a security hazard. Other methods of managing can become impractical, could ruin time-sensitive tweets, put all the work on a single member, and more. Preferably, you’ll want multiple people having secure access to execute different actions on the group’s account.

BirdHerd allows you to do this by creating an account based on the Twitter account in question and adding authorized users who are allowed to post tweets, send direct messages, follow other Twitter accounts, and more. Authorized users can then interact with the group’s Twitter account by sending direct messages from their own Twitter accounts to the group’s account. BirdHerd will then recognize the direct messages sent and will react accordingly.


  • Control a common Twitter account via authorized users’ Twitter accounts.
  • Post, message, follow, and more.
  • Free and simple to use.

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