Friday 25 January 2013

HTC tightening noose around custom ROMs'

The smartphone giant is opposing use of custom ROMs' on its devices.

Getting and installing custom ROMs on HTC smartphones is going to be more difficult as the Taiwanese company is now asking third party ROM developers to stop making and providing custom ROMs to users.

The open source nature of Google's Android operating system allows independent developers to work on customised ROMs and use them on devices but smartphone giant HTC is looking forward to changing this once and for all. HTC has approached custom ROM provider's owner James Taylor in order to take down all the ROMs that his website has been offering to HTC users globally.

In an mail sent to James, HTC said, "Many of the ROMs names were all "code names" to refer the phones internally prior to public release, and were renamed after public release. In any event, even "release" ROMs pose similar issues, because they could be modified or changed in a way that could harm the device or its user, and that fault would be imputed to HTC. We really do need you to agree not to provide any HTC ROMs for download."

The case of HTCRUU is just the beginning and soon more and more custom ROM providers can expect similar cases form HTC.

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