Monday 21 January 2013

smartView: View Up To 4 Websites With No Ads [Mac]

Do you have certain websites that you need to monitor at all times? If so, launching a new tab and running them in your normal web browser may not be the ideal way. Instead, a program like smartView, which allows you to have up to four different websites up all the time, is a much better option.

There are two things that make smartView special. The first is that it remembers the settings for your websites. So once you have it sized the way you want it, you can quit, and it will be the same size the next time you open it. The other thing that makes it awesome is the ability to set how the webpage behaves. You can tell it to sit in the background, run like normal or always be on top.

smartView also removes most ads from websites. It seemed to struggle with Google Ads, but it did have success with most other ad servers. For anyone who has certain sites that need to be monitored all the time, this is a must-have app on Mac.


  • Run up to four websites at all times.
  • Minimal design with no address bars or clutter.
  • Run in background, as normal or always on top.
  • Removes most ads from websites.

Find smartView on the Mac App Store

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