Thursday 24 January 2013

Cheddar: An Ultra Simple To-Do List App [iOS]

Are you sick of to-do lists that take more work to manage than the task itself? Well Cheddar is here to save the day with an ultra simple to-do app that works with only text. There are no crazy options that make setting up a task feel like it takes forever. All you do is create a task, type in some text and that’s it. In just seconds you will have a task without fussing with all the extra time wasters.

Not only can you create tasks quickly with this app, it also syncs seamlessly to your computer. This allows you to create your lists easily and view them from anywhere you need to. It syncs automatically, so you do not need to remember to press a sync button when you finish creating a new task.

If you want to organize your tasks, you can tag them using simple hashtags. This should feel familiar for people who use Twitter often. You do not have to tag your tasks, but if you have a lot and want to keep them more organized you have the option.


  • Ultra simple to-do list.
  • Syncs to your computer automatically.
  • Tag list items with hashtags to make them easy to find.

Find Cheddar on the iTunes App Store

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