Thursday 31 January 2013

Google's mulling multiple LED flash lights for mobiles

In a bid to improve the lighting on Mobile device Google has filed for a multi point Flash system.

Mobile phone cameras have always been regarded as more much useful than pocket cameras but their utility is reduced considerably in low light conditions. Use of flash though solves this problem to an extent but it too has its own limitations as use of flash can increase the size of the device while LED flash is only useful for limited illumination.

Now Google is planning to change it once and for all its upcoming devices with a new concept of having multiple LED flash lights as compared to 1 or 2 flash lights seen in most devices these days. Google has filed for a patent on this new technology that allows the device maker to place several powerful LED flashlights in a circle around the camera on the device.

With the use of multiple flash lights in a circle around the camera allows the camera to get better and even illumination on the subject by projecting light from different angles. This would be useful for both close up as well as distant shots where in different permutations and combination in the lights algorithm can allow the sensor to capture better and brightly lit shots.

And with the use of LED flash, the manufacturers also do not have to make many alterations to the design giving them the ability to continue making devices which today are getting slimmer by the day.

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