Thursday 31 January 2013

PHP Image Workshop: A Powerful PHP Class To Help You Perform Various Image Tasks

While working with images, web developers often need to type up long lines of code to execute simple functions such as creating image thumbnails and pasting watermarks on images. Here to help by making the coding process easier is a tool called PHP Image Workshop.

PHP Image Workshop is a powerful PHP class that uses the GD library to make it easier for web developers to work with images. The class is for simple image tasks such as creating thumbnails and placing thumbnails. More complex tasks are also supported such as plural superpositions and setting image positions.

An object of this PHP class can be treated as an image layer, a group of layers, and a document, depending on how you use it. Basically the object is a background layer which is transparent by default and sublayers which are empty by default. When you are done working with your layers, you simply merge them executing a single method.


  • A user-friendly developer tool.
  • Works as a PHP class.
  • Lets you perform image tasks.
  • Has objects that are groups of image layers.

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