Friday 25 January 2013

Twitter releases video sharing app for iOS devices

Named as Vine, the app allows uploading of six-second long videos. One can also like and comment on other videos.

Popular micro-blogging social network Twitter has announced a new video sharing app called Vine. Currently Twitter is offering the Vine app for sharing six second long videos only on the Apple iOS platform. The company has not announced any plans or hints to bring the Vine service to other mobile platforms such as Android and Windows Phone.

Vine is a like a video blogging service however, it does come with some limitations. For instance, one can upload video of only up to six seconds for the company believes - constraint inspires creativity.

Users can download the free Vine App on the iPhone or iPod touch and sign up via Twitter or using email.

The Vine service shows up a stream of videos posted by the users where the user can find, follow and interact with other users. Like Twitter there is a character limit to the user names and even the profile. The Vine stream allows the users to like a video and comment on the videos submitted. Of course these videos can be shared on the Twitter time line as well.

So after the social network of textual and photo micro-blogging, Twitter aims to drive the consumers towards the Short video-blogging scene. Apparently, with so many smartphones and mobile phones being sold every year, it would not be a difficult task to record and upload six second videos.

The Vine app is available for free from the Apple App store.

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