Sunday 27 January 2013

Easy Flat Share: Find & Share A Place To Live

Are you currently in possession of some extra room in your house or apartment? Are you looking for a new place to live and you do not want to pay full price? Easy Flat Share is an easy to use website for listing your extra rooms or finding someone who is looking for roommates. This can be a great way for both parties to save some money by sharing space instead of getting their own places.

With this website you can find places to live all over the world. The list of counties available is quite extensive, so no matter where you are looking to move, you should be able to find something. You can search by major metropolitan area and limit by minimum and maximum price. This allows you to find a place to live that is in your price range.

Once you narrow down your search to a location, you can look at the results and see if any of them fit in with what you need. Most listings feature detailed descriptions of the kinds of people the owner is looking to live with. Many also have pictures to give you an idea of what the house looks like.


  • Find roommates all over the world.
  • Search by location, minimum and maximum price.
  • View photos and descriptions of the places.
  • List your places quickly and easily.

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