Sunday 20 January 2013

Print Queue Cleaner: Delete Stuck Jobs From Your Printing Queue [Windows]

If you regularly print documents, webpages, and other media, you often have to deal with the printer and any problems that it may encounter. While printers usually do their jobs well, sometimes it’s not the printer’s fault that something has gone wrong. Often, you will find Windows messing up your printing jobs, in a way that makes them “stuck” in the printing queue. If you try to cancel them, they’ll simply say “Canceling” but remain stuck. What can you do?

If all else fails, try Print Queue Cleaner. It’s an extremely simple application which only has three buttons. The app can, at the touch of a button, clean out your printer(s)’ job queues so that you can go back to actually getting stuff printed out. With the application, you can also send out Test Pages to all your available printers to make sure that Windows’ software gears are turning like they should.

Just remember that you may have to re-add your printing jobs after they have been cleared out by the application.


  • Simple to use with only three buttons.
  • Uses .NET Framework 2.0.
  • No installation required.
  • Free to use.

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