Sunday 27 January 2013

Folder iChanger: Change Icons Of Your Folders [Windows]

After using Windows for many years, day in and day out, you might get a little tired of seeing the same old icons. Or maybe you want different icons for better visual organization?  No matter the reason, if you want to change your folder icons, how do you do so? That isn’t easy to answer and even then, where will you get acceptable, quality replacement icons to exchange them with?

Folder iChanger can make all of this a lot easier for you. This program is simply an interface which lets you choose which icon you’d like to replace the original with. Folder iChanger is easy to open via the right-click menu on whatever folder you’d like to change the icon.

It is also very flexible in that you can export icons from different sources to add to Folder iChanger’s collection, which is already preloaded with a decent number of good icons. You can even export icons from executable files into Folder iChanger, which is pretty astonishing.


  • Change the icon of any folder.
  • Easily accessible via the right-click menu.
  • Export icons from numerous sources, including executable files.

Check out Folder iChanger @

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