Tuesday 15 January 2013

Viggle: Check-In To TV Shows & Get Rewards [iOS & Android]

Less and less people are using the television as their primary device for watching shows, with tablets, phones, and desktops increasingly becoming the go-to devices instead. But that does not mean watching on your TV set is less fun, especially when you have apps like Viggle.

This mobile app, now available on Android, treats TV shows as destinations, where you can check-in and get rewards from top brands such as Burger King, Fandango, Best Buy, and more.

Viggle wants to be your primary companion app to enhance your TV-watching experience. Viggle Live makes watching TV more engaging with real-time quizzes as things happen on the screen. You can also search for the hottest shows, know where to get extra rewards, and set show reminders. The app at its core allows you to interact with the TV show you are watching while sharing your check-ins with your friends through social media much like a rewards-fueled Foursquare for TV shows.

This app has long been available for iOS, but Android users can now enjoy some Viddle goodness. This app is a great way to get you nice deals while sitting on your couch and watching your favorite shows.


  • Check-in to TV shows and get rewards.
  • Available for iOS, and now a recently launched Android App.
  • Answer real-time questions as the show is happening live.
  • Set reminders and find what show and when to get rewards.

Check out Viggle For Android @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.functionx.viggle

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