Tuesday 15 January 2013

Presentista: A New Way To Make Presentations

Are you sick of the same old presentations that come from PowerPoint? While they may be the industry standard for presentations, it does not mean it’s not worth looking around for something that can make your presentations stand out above the rest. Presentista is a new way to create presentations, and it works right from your web browser.

What makes Presentista so cool is its sense of style. They felt that PowerPoint was a little too generic in the way it put everything together, and they wanted to apply their own flair. When you are creating in Presentista, everything is on one screen. You add your stuff and create a flow, which are akin to slides. The link in the flow is how it determines which section to jump to next. It is a really clean, fluid way to make a presentation.

Like any presentation, you can include text and graphics. With Presentista, you can also add YouTube videos, Google Images and photos from Flickr. This allows you to make your presentation your own.


  • Browser based presentation creator.
  • A new of way of making presentations.
  • Supports YouTube, Flickr and Google Images.
  • Easy to use “flow” system instead of slides.

Find Presentista @ www.presentista.com

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